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Q1:Does iSolo have frequency disruption problem?

Ans:iSolo can automatically hopping to better channel at ISM 2.4GHZ Band. If you experience unstable connection, please use following step:

Q2:Can I use it with android phones?

Ans:Require an Android 5.0 or later version, the applicability of different types of Android phones still depends on practical test.

Q3:What is the max distance between transmitter and receiver?

Ans:Live receiver have two modes. “Near”: 3~5meters, “Far”: 5~10meters.The distance still depends on the stage conditions and the volume of wifi routers.

Q4:What kind of instruments does iSolo support?

Ans:Upcoming: Cello, violin, ukulele, erhu, zither

Q5: How to connect to receiver?

Ans:Start iSolo first, put it near the receiver and press pair button once. The green light will light consistently when it connects.